Stuff to look back on

At the end of the year looking back is the fashionable thing, so naturally we’re inclined not to do so. But we do want to thank everyone for coming out to the When I Pretend to Fall shows in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. With old and newer friends Sean Nelson, Michael Shilling, Andy Fitts, Nabil Ayers, Eric Corson and Chris Caniglia it was great fun to recreate When I Pretend to Fall and play some other songs for everyone who could attend.

If you couldn’t be there: long time fan Michelle Shiers shot some great photos at the Los Angeles show.
These concerts were inspired by the 15 year anniversary of Barsuk Records, and here’s what John Roderick wrote about it for Rolling Stone.
And because in the end it’s all about music, here is a song off When I Pretend to Fall, recorded by Seattle’s Channel 21: Prom Night at Hater High.

photo by Michelle Shiers
Photo by Michelle Shiers