Why we made a website

When it came time to make a Long Winters web-site we worried that it might be a big waste of time. Plenty of people told us that we needed a web-site for ‘commercial’ purposes, but those people tended to be the same ones that asked us repeatedly when we were going to go back to college. We didn’t start a band because we wanted to be merchants. Obviously, the real appeal of the global inter-web is all the conversation taking place.

At a certain point we wanted to get in on the conversation. Really, the Long Winters’ records are meant as contributions to this conversation, and they would have been meant that way even if there wasn’t a global inter-web. People only have so much to talk about, and songs about feelings are easier to talk about than feelings themselves.

So when it came time to design a web-site we wanted to focus on the talking. The first thing to go up was the message board and in some ways it’s the most important part of the site to us. There are also these places where we can write directly. Sometimes one wants to start a conversation with a monologue, or an essay, instead of just saying “s’up?”

In short, although there are links from our site to purchase our shwag, the real reason we wanted to appear on the internet is to provide our friends another place to congregate, and to mark a place with our own stamp. Hopefully, the character of this site will reflect our cautious bemusement with modern life.