Our Promises

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting our new site. We’re putting it out here in conjunction with the release of our new record but we’d love it if thelongwinters.com became a regular part of your internet life. To that end we’d like to make a few promises to you, the viewer, so that this site can be a safe place for you to return to time and again when the pressures of daily life become unbearable.

Promise #1: We promise to try and keep in mind that we’re a rock band and not a messianic cult or a fad diet. We’ll never tell you what to eat and we’ll always pretend that we’re not really telling you how we think you should live.

Promise #2: We promise to regularly update our web-site, and to not gum it up with a bunch of neo-Japanese Flash animated crapola. We’ll provide regular screeds with next to no justification and we’ll ramble, blather, contradict each other and lie.

Promise #3: We promise to keep producing rock music. We’ll try out every chorus pedal in the store and then buy a dollar’s worth of picks. We’ll jam for 40 minutes on what we think is the riff for When the Levee Breaks. We’ll whisper and shout and jump all about.

Promise #4: We promise that love will find a way.