A long time ago when the Long Winters were on tour with “Carrisa’s Wierd” and “the Prom”, we were busted one day out in the parking lot sitting in our van reading books.  The kids in Carrisa’s pulled their van in next to ours and, seeing us all quietly reading, shouted, “Readers!”, and then laughed so hard they spilled their plastic gallon jug of Ten High whiskey.

We were nerds, plain and simple.

Now we’re on tour again and are keeping a tour diary which you are presently reading, making you a nerd also.  Reader.

We’re all friends here.

This diary should chronicle our adventures over the next three months of almost continuous touring.  We’ve never toured for so long without a break and everyone is predicting that we’ll go slowly and steadily insane, so with any luck our tour diary should be an entertaining read.  We’re starting out in Minneapolis with The Pernice Brothers, but eventually this Spring tour will take us to Europe, back home in time for the Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge, and then across America again with the Decemberists, ending sometime in the summer.