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Boys and girls in cars
Dogs and birds on lawns
From here I can touch the sun

Put your jackets on
I feel we’re being born
The tropic of Capricorn is below

We stall above the pole
Still your face is young
As we feel our weight return

A trail of shooting stars
The horses call the storm
Because the air contains the charge

The radio is on
And Houston knows the score
Can you feel it we’re almost home

The crew compartment’s breaking up

This is all I wanted to bring home to you

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Student, why do you dream of me
  when you dream of your acre of trees?
It was agreed, I came to burn leaves
  It’s all I ever claimed to do
A plowman I’ll never grow into

My arms miss you,
My hands miss you
The stars sing,
I’ve got their song in my head

Blue, in the broad light of day
  Your claws snag on my face
Say it: I wish we were naked
  And I wish that I could take it
When you turn on me

I don’t want my words twisted
I don’t want you to listen too closely
Or wait for me impatiently
And I hope I can keep seeing you
As long as you don’t say you’re
Falling in love

Crave translates into slave
  No one can harness the rain
And I can make myself into rain
  You’ll feel me on your cheek
And on your sleeve

I can feel you about to forget

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Our new set can talk and think
I’m upset it was so hard to train
Our old set was quite a bore
We yelled at it but it didn’t hear
My new friends have messages
They reach me wherever I am

Everything is talking, everything

Nameless friends
All know my name
They know me, they help me
Our new set is a good set
It’s a big set, a really big set

Everything is talking, everything

I’ll miss:
  the waitresses
the cops
  the appointments
the shops
  the envelopes
the change
  I’ll miss the change

My bank is hip-hop jazz
They’re too street, I don’t get it
I won’t eat a machine
But what if it asks me?
What if it says my name?

Everything is talking, everything

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For Miss E______, who is a better swimmer.

You play hard to want
You’re hard to crumble up
I belong to someone already gone

You play hard to want
Hard to crumble up
I belong to someone gone before I was born

The last time we crossed
I held you under
Wanting to feel you wanting to breath
And I thought you wanted to feel like breathing

You have delicate hands and I know why
She said: You have delicate hands and I know why
There’s nothing left to do
Not when you have the ocean for a view

The weight of this hairstyle
Is making me lazy
I think I’m going to leave it up all night

I want to feed you butter-rum candy
But someone beat you to me

All songs by John Roderick (c) + (p) 2003 Beats Working Music (BMI).
Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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