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Fight? We can try.
I’d love an answer that isn’t sly,
Or so, so they say:
Don’t toast the day before the twilight.

For you I’m a pushover.
I would, I would.
I just want you to say, “Come on!”
Wish me luck, wish me luck.

(If I could I would)

Unkind girlish walk
Like a deed to the world without the talk
As you wade through the crowd
I sit next to you, the seat’s still warm


(If I could I would, and if I disappoint it’ll be only once.)

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Here’s how I found out
A man called my house
He asked me what I knew
They found my letter

And I don’t have to wonder
No I don’t have to wonder
So I don’t have to wonder
Did it reach you

Good morning Fire Island
I’m not sure who to ask
They said wait until tomorrow
They found my letter

Cinders in the garden
From the cars parked on the lawn
They’re tracking up the carpet
They found my letter

Start the car, the ice has come.

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I know I wasn’t made to play on a team
You weighed your suitcase down
But it still wouldn’t sink
I know that crime doesn’t pay
But I don’t know any other way

The way that she smiles me down
She claims to be clowning
Well I finally long for someone

Two can just bleed into one
Where only one does the bleeding
She calls me the alphabet gun


She orders the pilot to land
She just wants to hold the man
Well I am her pilot today

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Did you say what you wanted said?
Now you’re just putting the days to bed
Young actors want to play and play
And you’ll play, but you’re working

Call applicants and stall cornering them
We’re all waiting for the big day
But if you feel crazy, that you’re still crazy,
And it hasn’t happened for a few days, well just wait.

In hindsight you’re going to wish you were here
You keep scratching at the old paint
But the wood is still there and the room is still there
If you’re trying to feel the wind,
Well that’s a window you’re pressed against.

You never told me your secrets
So I guess they stay safe with me
Tall orders from such small shoulders and
Invitations on blue paper
But I’m bailing water and bailing water
Because I like the shape of the boat
You asked me and I told you
And you asked me and I told you and I told you

In hindsight you’re going to wish you were here
You keep scratching at the old paint
But the wood is still there and the room is still there
If you’re my anchor then I’m throwing you over the side
Before I have time to say:
I never wanted anyone this way
But I’m smoking cigarettes when no one else does
And if I hold you now will I be
Holding a snowball when the season changes
And I’m craving the sun?

Are you still training for the big race
By hoping the runners will die?
And churning the words of your disgrace
It’s how you are when you’re down that counts
You know we’re a good thing
But it’s been a long time since you said
Put down your camera and let me ask you
Is this new move just to keep moving?

If I kiss you now, like sun streaming in a tavern’s door
Would you wonder what I’m kissing you for?

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Little airports, keep in mind,
They’ve got file folders
And dry-erase boards

I retired from the Air Force
Long enough ago to know
The sky is open

I call the tower
And draw the line
I’m flying, yes I’m climbing

A better pilot you couldn’t find
Even so, even I can only fly so high
The sky is open

In the war I flew the islands
I knew the quiet, it’s pilot science
My propeller tries to find the air
I’m finally the highest bird.

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She loves the singer
Every song can bring her close to tears
But when she talks about his band
It just confirms her mother’s fears
A little crush on the singer
But in her heart she knows it’s true
Everything is different when he’s
Singing right to you

Honest, it’s alright to be a singer
But don’t you love a singer whatever you do

Let the crowd press on the stage
And let the lights wash out their eyes
Sixteen years ago I was completely mesmerized
And then the night was done
And the singer disappeared behind the stage
And the roadies came and picked me out
From on the barricades

I wouldn’t change for a moment
My life or my ideals
But once I loved a singer
And I know just how you feel
For him to say so plainly
What your heart can vouch is true
Means something is connecting you
Something is connecting you

Don’t you love a singer!

(whatever you do)

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A tower likes to fall
And cream likes to spoil
Everything living tries to get back to the soil

What seems right
And what’s made for you
False prophesy doesn’t mean prophesies are true

The ground is so proud just to hold us up
We’re a kiss away from being dangerous
Kiss me and show me that it’s true
You’re depresed about a thing you don’t really want to do

Don’t try to write your name in the clouds from the ground

Vinyl-clad architects with GPS
Staple-gun carpenters building a 3-D mess
We protest but it doesn’t work, again
Your magic beans mean at least you’ll have one giant friend!

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I don’t know why I bring you around
When you start out so dry
And then decide to be quiet
Like an angry shout

When you consider yourself
And you do consider yourself
Well give me something that you like
If there’s something you’re so proud about

You’re in love with someone
You’re going to love till it’s done
You’re in love with someone you don’t like

You should’ve been a rich wife
(you missed the good life)

Is your high horse getting a little hard to ride?
And your “little bit on the side” getting harder to find?
When you get restless at night but it’s too late to start
There’s nothing left to eat in this house but your heart.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo

I don’t know why I bring you around
Just to diss the art and look the part
There’s a bit you’re leaving out
And you keep it all to yourself

It’s not the wine that brings a crowd
And the crowd is not much help
But you seed the clouds
And put your signal out
And then count the notches on your belt.

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It’s familiar, but not too familiar
But not too “not familiar”
It’s a new craze

Hey good girls
Do you wanna?
Just say:
Hey I wanna!

It’s a departure
It’s a new craze

I like the old days
But not all the old days
Only the Good Old Days!
It’s a new craze.

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Your new haircut is so unfamiliar
But they only know you that way
Your new teases are so hilarious
Well, I never thought I’d hear you say
That I did the driving
And the falling on knives
Seemed that anything was worth a try
You never said it
But I think I get it and maybe you were right

I miss you Seven

Did you see me the way I imagined?
Every eyelash a picket or a wire?
Did you tease me when I went out of fashion
And your interest in me had expired?
Well I stopped
But how can I really stop?
And stay stopped?

I miss you Seven

(distance helps me only so much, and I’m only going along.)

Is it asking too much?
Would you say that I
Was the last thing you want
To remember me by?

All songs by John Roderick (c) + (p) 2003 Beats Working Music (BMI).
Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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