John Roderick at The Triple Door, 8 July 2010

John Roderick’s July show at The Triple Door in Seattle was an eclectic mix of new, old and even older songs. Watch “Copernicus” and “Not Moving to Portland,” and the Bun Family Players’ song “Shane”!

The Bun Family Players were one of John’s previous bands before The Long Winters. Their songs were never released, so this peek into their old songbook is quite unique.
» Watch “Shane” on Vimeo

A song from the first The Long Winters album, The Worst You Can Do Is Harm.
» Watch “Copernicus” on Vimeo

Previously released on the GIVE Seattle compilation, this version is not quite the same anymore – songwriting in progress.
» Watch “Not Moving To Portland” on Vimeo

All videos shot by Adam Pranica and Laura Musselman, edited by Adam Pranica