From the Land of Ice and Snow

Cover of Land of Ice and SnowIf someone puts the word out that they want to make an indie Led Zeppelin compilation, how can you not want to participate. So when The Long Winters heard about the Portland-based project that would eventually become the double cd From the Land of Ice and Snow, they set out to record their take on the English band’s epic 8.46 minute song In the Light. Recordings started when Nabil was still around to lay down a drum track, Eric then played all the instrumental parts, and all John had to do was show up and sing.

There are 50 bands participating in the project, playing over 210 minutes of music. That’s 2 full CD’s of material and a digital download of a 3rd album free with each compilation. Jealous Butcher will release the set in a deluxe tip-on gatefold jacket, with cover art by Carson Ellis. And if you need any more encouragement, a percentage of the profits from this comp will go to First Octave, who give grants to Portland Public Schools to help fund music programs.

Official release date is 12 October but the set can be preordered now.
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