13 Songs with John

A series of quasi-weekly check-ins with John Roderick on YouTube as he works on writing the songs for the upcoming Long Winters album. » Episode One where John builds a fence. » Episode Two where John faces a deadline at the piano. » Episode… » More inside

John Roderick – journal reading

John reading from his travel journal at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle.

Live at the Showbox DVD preview

This DVD is a limited edition release, and there are only a handful left! You can pick one up at a record store near you, or online at Barsuk Records. More about Live at the Showbox

Live at the Showbox DVD

Live at the Showbox gives a taste of what a show by The Long Winters show is all about, and more. A 19-song setlist, including one rehearsed and one impromptu cover. Friends dropping in, dropping drumsticks, playing horns and dancing wildly. And a whole commentary track worth of banter. This homecoming Seattle show after months of touring catches the band looking at its best, and sounding even better.

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Through With Love documentary preview

Filming Through With Love began in November of 2005 as The Long Winters recorded their latest release, Putting the Days to Bed. For three months, Adam Pranica and Jace Krause filmed at Studio Litho, capturing the creativity, frustration, and monotony of recording the… » More inside

Burn to Shine DVD

The Burn to Shine manifesto: 1) Gather local bands on one day to play live in a house or building that is going to be destroyed. 2) Each band plays one song and performs their song twice. 3) No overdubs…. » More inside