Burn to Shine DVD

The Burn to Shine manifesto: 1) Gather local bands on one day to play live in a house or building that is going to be destroyed. 2) Each band plays one song and performs their song twice. 3) No overdubs. 4) Film the building’s destruction. 5) Edit and display in chronological order. 6) That is all.

On 27 January 2007 Seattle was the stage for the 5th installment of this project from Trixie DVD. Benjamin Gibbard brought together 14 bands: The Long Winters, Jesse Sykes, David Bazan, Harvey Danger, Tiny Vipers, The Cave Singers, Minus The Bear, Eddie Vedder, Kinski, Spook The Horse, The Can’t See, The Blue Scholars, Triumph of Lethargy Skinned To Death, and himself.
The Long Winters’ song featured is (It’s A) Departure.