John Roderick & Friends at the Showbox, 29 October

John Roderick and friends will host an evening at The Showbox. A night of music and comedy, starring Merlin Mann, John Hodgman, Scott Simpson and Jonathan Coulton. What to expect? “It’s going to be like Sammy, Frank, and Dean at… » More inside

TLW live track on TIG Mix CD

As part of their 10th anniversary celebrations, Three imaginary Girls have released a limited edition zine and mix CD featuring rare and exclusive tracks, among them the live version of Scared Straight from Adam Pranica’s Live at the Showbox DVD…. » More inside

John on Tour with Jonathan Coulton

John on tour with Jonathan Coulton After various collaborations and appearances with Jonathan Coulton (such as JoCoCruise One and Two, and the song Nemeses), John Roderick is now going to collect even more nerdpoints by joining JoCo on his upcoming… » More inside

Roderick on the Line

We’ve mentioned it here before, but we’ll say it again, because John’s weekly phone calls with Merlin Mann have proved to be a winner. Roderick on the Line will give a you weekly dose of everything you may have wanted to know all along, and more. And to improve the experience even more, each episode comes complete with annotations by Merlin.

Hohner EX Artist guitar auction: get your piece of John now

Do you want to play guitar like John Roderick? Sorry, can’t be done. But, you can play his guitar as much as you’d like! Just win his solid body Hohner EX Artist electric guitar, whose unique sound has appeared in… » More inside

January Shows

John Roderick will play a headlining show at the Mercury Lounge in New York on January 28, 2012. Tickets are on sale now. Leading up to this, he will join Aimee Mann for three dates of her January tour: Jan… » More inside