Spring Tour Diary 2004, part 2

Our first night with the Pernice Bros. in Minneapolis was effectively our first show as a three-piece and we were all amped-up to play well and do a good job.  We were joining the tour midway and our first show… » More inside

Berkeley Pit, Butte Montana. March 30, 2004

One of the drawbacks of being a Seattle band is that it’s a full three-day drive across the Northern plains to get to our first show in Minneapolis.  We try and take in the sights along the way and one… » More inside


A long time ago when the Long Winters were on tour with “Carrisa’s Wierd” and “the Prom”, we were busted one day out in the parking lot sitting in our van reading books.  The kids in Carrisa’s pulled their van… » More inside

Detroit is for lovers

The tour is going great. I’m writing from Quebec City, but I wanted to start off by describing the city of Detroit, Michigan. I’m sure that most readers of this board have some idea already that Detroit is in pretty… » More inside


Hi. We’re on tour and visiting in Chicago with Evan Sult, former drummer of Harvey Danger, and his three cats. I wanted to write another diary entry now that the debate on indie-rock pretentiousness has dried up. So far our… » More inside

Blue Diamonds video

The opening track of the album When I Pretend to Fall as seen through the eyes of director Michael Chick.