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Myth 61 Revisited

Between watching Megadeth and Slayer, John wrote a piece about Bob Dylan, "authenticity", and humorless teenagers. You can read it at the SeattleWeekly.

DJ John on KEXP

John Roderick will be guest DJ'ing on KEXP, tonight Saturday August 28th, at 7pm PST with Hannah Levin, spinning mad jamz. Live stream at:

The Long Winters and Spiral Stairs split single

We resisted the urge to mess with your heads and title this message "The Long Winters Split". In fact, it wouldn't be fair, because although we still ask you to wait a little longer for the new album, you can get your hands on new Long Winters material with amazing regularity. Latest project to see the day of light is a split single for the Mt. Fuji label, with Spiral Stairs, aka Scott Kannberg of Pavement and Preston School of Industry fame.

It always rains in Seattle

A pipe exploded in the ceiling of the Triple Door and it was RAINING in the theater: Saturday's show was cancelled last minute. It was going to be John, Kathleen Edwards and Dave Bazan trading instruments, playing each other's tunes, and they had been looking forward to it greatly. Sorry to all who came out for the show. For those who hadn't seen these yet, this may be some consolation: three songs from the July show on the video page, including the Bun Family Players song Shane.

August 20th, in a place you cannot find

On August 20th, John Roderick will perform on a night hosted by John Hodgman at the Montague Bookmill in MA. This bookstore has the motto "Books You Don’t Need in a Place You Can’t Find", which sure sounds promising. And Hodgman describes John as a quasi-cave troll from Alaska. Should be a jolly night.

No pianobar, alas

Please be advised that John Roderick's Piano Bar for the City Arts Fest in Seattle in October has been cancelled, contrary to the initial line-up info that has gone out.

Triple Door special guests

You may wonder who these special guests are who will join John Roderick at The Triple Door on Saturday. All the way from Toronto, Canada, Kathleen Edwards will make an appearance. And opening the show will be California-based singer El May. More guests may be announced the next days, so keep an eye out here and on John's Twitter page. But do note that not all guests will be revealed beforehand. So get your tickets now and you won't miss a thing.

To give you another taster, here's a second song from the first Triple Door show in July. And watch a third song on the video page: the unreleased Bun Family Players track 'Shane'.

» Watch the big screen version of Copernicus and see Shane

Triple Door Reminder & Exclusive Video

As a last-minute reminder for those rapscallions who haven't reserved their tickets to all of John Roderick's residency shows at the Triple Door in Seattle that the second of three shows is coming up quickly! Next Saturday, August 14th should be already circled, starred and crossed out on your calendar to make sure you have no superseding engagements, but just in case you haven't yet - do so now! Tickets are available now, but going fast.

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