Blue Diamonds video

The opening track of the album When I Pretend to Fall as seen through the eyes of director Michael Chick.

Lyrics for When I Pretend to Fall

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When I Pretend to Fall

When I Pretend to Fall cover image

As its cover art suggests, the second Long Winters record is like a tangled rainbow. Blasts of horn, swelling organs, and chiming guitars punctuate lyrics exploring hope and despair in equal measure, and which come in to focus more and more as life wears on. Featuring Cinnamon and Blue Diamonds. Released in May 2003.

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Lyrics for The Worst You Can Do is Harm

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The Worst You Can Do is Harm

The Worst You Can Do Is Harm cover image

The first Long Winters LP sounds like what it is: a chronicle of mental and emotional dissolution, set alight by lyrics that scour the dark corners of the psyche and by unstoppable pop hooks turned all inside-outsky. Featuring Carparts and Scent of Lime. Released in 2002 and recommended for times when your headphones are your shield against the world.

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Sean’s story on The Worst You Can Do is Harm

When I think about the recording of what would become the first Long Winters LP, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of Chris Walla climbing physically inside the back of an Optigan keyboard. After a series… » More inside